Art classes are open to the public at very reasonable rates. Current classes are held every Wednesday from 10am to 12 noon. Oil and acrylic painting is the primary media, although some students prefer watercolor.
The Art Department recently won four Grand Prizes on Achievement Day. They will also be at the May State Convention in Atlantic City
Click here for see Paintings from our Students
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Art Studio for Adult Art Classes
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Adult Painting Classes in Oil and Watercolor and Acyrlyc
Among the many programs the Woman's Club of Englewood offers is affordable instruction in painting. The adult art class is located on the second floor of the club. The high vaulted ceilings with original 19th century trusses offer vast skylights which let in the perfect amount of light for painting in oll or watercolor. Classes are on Wednesdays
Bergen County Adult Art Clases in Northern New Jersey
Affordable Painting Classes for Beginners or Experienced Painters
The Art Studio
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